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Welcome, we are Trifecta

Trifecta Property Solutions is a professional, full service real estate solutions firm that buys and sells properties throughout the South Florida market. We specialize in buying distressed homes at a significantly discounted price and then renovate and resell them to retail home buyers and landlords.

Founded in 2020, Arnaldo Medina, and Richard Murillo, are proud to provide real estate services in the following areas:

Areas de Servicio

1- Real Estate Brokerage

2- Residential Redevelopment

3- Real Estate Investment

4- Foreclosure Solutions

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Some Interisting Facts

Through our extensive knowledge of the business, network of resources, and years of expertise, we have passionately pursued our goal to help hundreds of people in our community find an answer to their real estate needs. Trifecta had designed an unique custom renovation plan for each property acquire with the idea of satisfy the demand for Style, Comfort and Functionality.

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Most homeowners have no idea what options are available to them beyond listing a house with a real estate agent or just trying to sell the house on their own, and hope for the best. We provide homeowners with a unique alternative to listing their house on their own or with a real estate agent. Our “out of the box” creative approach to real estate investing is a cut above the rest. View more.

Our company can acquire great deals on properties because we have the ability to act quickly and can close with CASH on the seller’s timeline. This is why we can buy properties at such a discount, sometimes in a matter of days. We have a competitive advantage over other investors who sometimes take weeks to purchase properties, and can create extremely fast and hassle-free transactions.

We have an aggressive TEAM approach, and a top-notch ability to expand our client base through our knowledge of deal structuring and advanced real estate techniques.

We also employ marketing strategies as soon as we purchase a home – giving us a fair advantage over a real estate agent. Typically, many agents don’t spend time or money on marketing or lead generation strategies. As a result, it can sometimes take months to attract potential buyers. Often times, we are able to find our own buyers, allowing us to secure a strong sales price and save on sales commissions.

Advantages to Working With Us

  • We have the experience, business systems and knowledge to purchase properties QUICKLY and with CASH
  • We create value by finding ugly, vacant homes and putting them back into use after renovation
  • We have a creative marketing system to find and purchase properties before they’re ever listed
  • We pay wholesale prices to all contractors and typically get bulk discounts on all materials
  • We find our own buyers quickly, allowing us to secure a strong sales price and save on sales commissions

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